Welcome to TGI Monday!

We believe that happy employees make successful companies.

We are convinced that happiness at work has a lot to do with personal discipline and is definitely at reach for any employee part of a caring organization.

We value the power of the experience as the ultimate learning method.

About Us

Our ambition is to engage Hong Kong employers in driving their employees’ happiness at work by:

  • Raising awareness of Happiness at Work being experiencing positive emotions across the day
  • Inspiring employees to take the lead in their own happiness
  • Partnering with employers to improve their employees’ self realisation and engagement.


If you are interested in our workshops or if you want to partner with us, please contact one of us:

  • Alice BLOUD a.bloud@tgimonday.org
  • Beryl BOCQUET b.bocquet@tgimonday.org
  • Vanessa CAHIERRE v.cahierre@tgimonday.org