September 2016

3 independent women with a common DNA for Human development decide to change career for the Greater Good

January 2017

Alice, Vanessa and Beryl meet and decide to join forces and share their knowledge and dreams into the #HappyProject

May 2017

The idea emerges to design an offer related to Happiness at Work. Hours of writing, meetings with companies, training… are spent to design the Big Idea…


Juin 2017

After being certified in Positive Psychology, they head to Copenhagen, for their Chief Happiness Officer certification with the Woohoo Academy of Happiness at Work.

September 2017

Inception of Thank God It’s Monday! With the mission to create a more positive and engaging employee experience thanks to happiness at work

February 2019

Our new office opens in Paris!

September 2019

1400+ happy agents have joined the movement after attending a workshop, a training or a conference led by TGIM

About Us

Alice Bloud


Alice cumulates more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources Management gained in both Europe and Asia, in big and medium-sized international firms. Learning from her own experience as an HR leader, she is passionate about creating great places to work where employees can thrive. After 8 years as Head of HR for a financial firm in Hong Kong, she obtained certifications in Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (US) and as a Chief Happiness Officer by the Academy of Happiness at Work in Denmark. With TGI Monday, her ultimate goal is to contribute to creating working environments where employees can flourish.


Beryl Bocquet

Hong Kong

With more than 15 years in management and communication roles at an international level, Béryl has gained a strong expertise in both medium and large companies in France and in Hong-Kong. From her former employee status to her new entrepreneur role, she is eager to lead both her personal and professional lives by cultivating positive emotions. With the inception of Thank God It’s Monday!, she aims at turning Hong Kong employees into a happier workforce and to partner with employers to create happier and more successful workplaces. She graduated from EDHEC business school (France) and has more recently obtained certifications in Positive Psychology from Berkeley University (USA) and the Academy of Happiness at Work in Denmark.


Vanessa Cahierre


Vanessa is a highly qualified Executive Coach, supporting senior professionals to work through career transitions and best manage stressful situations. Vanessa is a graduate from the HEC executive MBA in Executive Coaching. She also has 16 years’ experience in business having worked as a Marketing manager in the Perfume and Cosmetics industry and as an entrepreneur developing a jewellery brand in New York.